Frozen Masquerade

2D fights for up to four players



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Frozen Masquerade is a two-dimensional fighting game where up to four human players can face off simultaneously. However, you will need enough gamepads (preferably from Xbox 360).

The game's combat system is rather unusual, since it uses a game mechanics that lets you regain life by parrying and wounding your opponents. As a result, Frozen Masquerade allows spectacular comebacks when you have very little life left, which is particularly gratifying when there are several players.

Visually, Frozen Masquerade is a spectacular game. The eight playable characters are exquisitely designed, and the six different settings in which you can fight are gorgeous. Everything is perfectly drawn by hand, with spectacular animations.

Frozen Masquerade is a very fun fighting game whose only downside is that it's exclusively multiplayer, so you can't play alone. You need at least one friend to enjoy this addictive combat system.
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